Summer Kinetico Solartech Meru Heat First
  SUMMER TX Solar Panel  
ELDOR Plasma Welding of pure copper plates to riser tubes and Titanium Blue Absorption Coating for up to % increase in efficiency.
Riser tubes are 100% copper and have the largest and most optimum surface area for increased rate of heat transfer.
One of the largest collector area available in the market at 2m2.
SUMMER TX Storage Tank  
Closed-circuit jacketed storage tank to prolong tank-life

Heat exchange fluid can heat water from 60ºC up to 90ºC

Stainless Steel Tank for corrosion resistance

Pressurized to provide luxurious hot water pressure; tested up to 1700kPa

In-built Booster Heating Element for when the sun doesn't shine

Pressure-injected Polyurethane Foam for the best insulation

Laminar Flow Stratifier

Thermostat and Relief Valve for temperature and pressure control

  Other Environmental Considerations  
CFC Free Polyurethane insulation
Food-grade non-toxic anti-freeze heat exchange fluid
  Low Iron Tempered Glass
Thickness of 3.2mm can withstand over 10KGs of Weight and ZERO Damage to Panel from ø25mm Hailstone Testing
Special reflective inner surface to decrease panel emissions up to %


Size and Weight For SUMMER TX

510 mm
510 mm
2430 mm
2430 mm
2290 mm
1490 mm
  Tank ø
510 mm
510 mm
  Overall Weight (Empty)
160 kg
95 kg
  Overall Weight (Full)
470 kg
470 kg


Internationally Certified:

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