Summer Kinetico Solartech Meru Heat First
  Fire is not the only source of heat  
The HeatFirst Air-Source Heat Pump extracts the surrounding heat and humidity from the air in a work area or open space.


Water. Blissfully Warm.
Designed to heat water up to the desired temperature, HeatFirst heat pump will increase water temperatures using the extracted heat as it circulates through the calorifier.


Air – The Source of Life
Interestingly, cold air is produced as a by-product of the heat extraction which can be directed to provide air-cooling in certain 'hot-spots' for increased comfort.


Earth knows Best
Using only environmentally friendly refrigerants and materials, HeatFirst upholds our standards of durable and long lasting products.

We also have CoolFirst products for Extremely Hot Weather. For Commercial and Residential HeatFirst CoolFirst products, just Talk To Us.

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